In 1999 Azad Najar, MD began to sketch out an idea to develop an artificial heart (TAH) with the basic idea to develop a heart that mimics the biological heart. The idea was based on flow analyses carried out by Professor Said Zahrai at the Royal School of Technology in Stockholm during the period 2002-2005. In 2001 Azad Najar contacted Gunnar Nihlén at ALMI Västmanland, and a collaboration was initiated. In 2007 they together founded the company Scandinavian Real Heart.

Scandinavian Real Heart’s aim is to develop a heart pump with better function than those available on the market. The primary aim is to have it function as a temporary solution for patients waiting to get a heart transplant. The basic idea is that the heart pump shall function as much as possible like the natural heart.

Research and development has been carried for 17 years, and in May 2014 the first animal experiment was successfully carried out and the functions of the heart pump was for the first time verified regarding important factors.

The goal is to initiate clinical trials on humans during 2019/2020.