CSR -Policy

Policy for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

This means that we conduct our business in a proper way regarding various aspects of ethics, social behavior and environmental concerns. It also means that we respect people, communities and the environment.

Our first and greatest responsibility is the patients who ultimately will use our products and services. Everything we do must be of the highest quality. We must constantly strive to reduce our costs in order to maintain reasonable prices. Patients and customers must be given timely and accurate service.

We must encourage improvements for citizens, i.e. to achieve a better health status. We must maintain the assets we are privileged to use, protecting the environment and natural resources.

We will always fight against all forms of corruption. Our employees and partners must always act in an ethically correct way to prevent all forms of corrupt behavior.

We must be good citizens – support good efforts and charity work and bear our fair share of taxes. We have a responsibility towards the society we live and work in, and also towards the international community.

Business partners
Our business partners must respect the CSR policy as described in this document. When we are looking for new business partners, we will evaluate candidates based on their strength in the area concerned, irrespective of nationality and size.

We have a financial responsibility to our shareholders. Our business must make a sound profit. We need to explore new ideas. Research must be conducted continuously, innovative programs developed and mistakes corrected. New equipment must be developed, new services offered and new treatments launched. Our actions for these principles implies that the shareholders must receive a reasonable return.