Göran Hellers – Chairman of the Board

Born: 1944

Education: MD, PhD and Associate Professor of Surgery

Shares: 119 173

Elected: 2013

Board Member:
Scandinavian Care AB, Hellers Medical AB, Laprotech AB, MDM Medical Development Mind AB, Scandinavian Care Consulting AB, Scandinavian Care Holding AB

Head Dept. of Surgery Jönköping, Head Dept. of Surgery Karolinska Huddinge University Hospital, Board Member World Society of Gastroenterology, General Secretary Swedish Surgical Society, Adviser to the World Bank for Health Care Reform in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Georgia.

Azad Najar – Board Member/CEO

Born: 1968

Education: MD

Shares: 3 600 564

Elected: 2008

Board Member:
Laprotech AB, Najar Medical and Invention AB

Azad Najar is one of the Founders of Scandinavian Real Heart and the main inventor behind the product. Najar is Consultant Surgeon in the Dept. of Urology at Västerås Hospital.

Gunnar Nihlén – Board Member

Born: 1950

Education: Engineer.

Shares: 1 182 449

Elected: 2008

Board Member:
Kundskap G Nihlen,SmartShake AB, Frontus Aktiebolag,Herobility AB,Hydrotea AB,SmartGroup AB,Idéla Kunskapscentrum AB

Gunnar Nihlén is one of the founders of  Real Heart and has been working in the company until 2015. He has a long and wide experience from work in the industri as CEO at ABB Industrial High School and CEO at ALMI Västmanland, different directorship in ABB and as board member in about 15 different private companies.

Lars-Peter Harbing – Board Member

Born: 1958

Education: Electric Power Engineering and the market economy

Shares: 25 000

Elected: 2016

Board Member:
Chairman in Scandinavian ChemoTech AB, CARPONOVUM AB, Carmona AB, Halmstad Golf Club AB, AB Consector, Oscar Hanson Värme Ventilation
Sanitet AB, Harbing Management AB

Lars -Peter has 25 years of international experience in senior positions in Getinge AB and Johnson & Johnson.

Susanne Hedman-Board Member/CFO

Born: 1961

Education: Electric Power Engineering and economy

Shares: 126 608

Board Member:

Elektro Aros Gruppen AB, Aroseken AB, SUMIKO AB, Elektro Aros Gruppen Holding, AB, Sevolve AB, Brf K2


Susanne has been working with Scandinavian Real Heart since 2011 and was CEO in the company between 2011-2014. She has a long experience from business development and was earlier  managing director in EA Gruppen för over 30 years.