Product development

Scandinavian Real Heart develops a mechanical heart that will save lives. The heart is a so-called Total Artificial Heart (TAH), i.e. a pump that can completely replace the real heart. Primarily, the purpose is to use it as a temporary solution while waiting for transplantation. In the long term, the idea is that Real Heart’s heart pump should be able to have normal function in a person over time.

The basic idea is based on flow analysis made at the Royal Institute of Technology ( KTH)2002 -2005, and is to develop an artificial heart that mimics the biological heart. By imitating the basic principle of a biological heart and create a pressure and flow that reduces the risk of blood clots and pumps in an energy efficient manner. These factors are important to give the patient a good quality of life.

During development, Scandinavian Real Heart has resolved many challenges. We have developed a series of models and gradually solved one challenge after another.

Blood circulation, pump operation, pressure, and the creation of the pulse has been verified in ethically approved animal experiments. The process of implanting the company’s heart pump has been further developed and fine-tuned, making operation quicker and smoother, with the patient not needing to be connected to the heart-lung machine so long. In 2016, the heart pump was supplemented by technology that will make it easy to change the driving system. This solution is a unique and increases pump life. You can service the heart and replace mechanical parts without the patients having to undergo major surgery. The electronics have been miniaturized so that it fits inside the pump casing.

The recent advances in model version 8 to 10 includes,

  • creating a pulse and flow that completely mimics the real heart
  • developing the surgical process to go smoothly and quickly in implanting the cardiac pump
  • a weight of only 800 grams and a size that fits nicely in the patient’s chest
  • providing an even pulsation flow being effective because of the four chambers of the heart, without suction and vacuum effect in the veins, which is the risk with a two-chamber solution.
  • pumping with different volumes of blood in the right and left chamber, in the same way as in the natural heart (competitor pumps have the same volume of blood from the two chambers)
  • having four chambers giving a favorable blood flow and the blood never standing still (competitors use only two chambers, which allows blood to a stand still between strokes considerably increasing the risk of blood clots)
  • reducing the energy demand that theoretically requiring an 800 gram battery that will cover use for 24 hrs.

For 10 years now, Real Heart has worked with a network of specialists in thoracic surgery, physiology, materials, medical technology, energy technology, and motor and motor control. The company has also developed cooperation with leading Swedish cardiac surgeons.

The company has developed two proprietary cardiac simulators for testing and verification used in the model tests before animal experiments are carried out. These simulators have been shown to be important tools for simulating a body with similar resistance in testing of the pump. Great energy has been put on analyzing the human heart energy and power requirements.

Based on the animal experiments to date, the Board believes that Real Hearts heart pump has significantly better performance and features than that of competitors because the pump mimics the way the real heart pumps and its construction. Real Heart has two atriums and two chambers, electric motors with light batteries, an AV-plane movement and standard valves.

Scientific Documentation

All trials made by Scandinavian Real Heart’s models will be thoroughly documented – both the initial animal tests as well as subsequent human trials. This documentation will be carried out in collaboration with various cardiac surgical clinics resulting in the publication of scientific papers in leading journals. Documentation is necessary to obtain product certification (FDA, CE and certificates).