There are only about 5,000 heart transplants carried in the world every year. There are however about 50,000 patients who are in such a critical state that they are placed on the heart transplantation list. This implies that,

  • Organ shortage means that many people die while waiting for a donated heart.
  • The shortage of donor hearts in itself limits the number of patients qualifying for the transplantation list. Only in the US and Europe it has been calculated that at least 1.2 million patients die every year due to advanced heart failure, half of them will die in an acute heart attack.
  • It has been estimated that annually about 200,000 patients in the US and Europe alone are in need of a heart pump – the global need is even greater.
  • Currently existing heart pumps cost between 75,000 and 125,000 USD. Existing pumps also carries a risk of forming blood clots because they do not completely mimic the natural qualities of the heart. Other pumps, such the CardioWest pump, also limits the mobility of the patient since they usually are connected by hoses to a driving system.

Scandinavian Real Heart,

  • Develops a heart pump (TAH) that mimic the body’s natural circulation. The construction and the battery energy supply gives the patient greater mobility and enhanced quality of life.
  • Has during the last couple of years after 14 years of research carried out successful animal experiments involving, among other things, the pump´s connection to the animal’s circulation, and normal oxygenation and blood pressure in the animal’s blood stream.
  • Is planning more extensive animal testing with the aim of moving on to clinical trial in humans during late 2017/early 2018