The product

Realheart is creating an artificial heart that imitates the function of the natural one, a so-called total artificial heart (TAH). The patented solution has been developed so that it imitates the natural human heart’s pattern of blood flow and function, which in turn allows for a greater possibility for a long-term solution in patients that have been diagnosed with advanced congestive heart failure.

The artificial heart will be sold together with a kit to run the system: control panel, battery belt, batteries, charger and cables. As well as equipment for the care provider at the hospital such as monitors and services (24 hour support, service of equipment, education of care providers, remote monitoring of data and backup support).

In order to allow for a life with maximum freedom of movement and comfort, focus has been on minimizing the size of the equipment and creating a silent system, which has become Realheart TAH’s hallmark. A long battery capacity and flexible solutions with portable equipment are other functions that will enable patients to live life to their fullest potential.