Other products

During the creation of Realheart’s artificial heart, possibilities to develop a number of spinoff products have arisen. The company has applied for patents also for these products.

Realheart VAD

Real Heart´s pump system has preliminary been assessed as an assisting solution, named Real VAD, to the biological heart without replacing it completely.

Realheart PulsePump

The heart pump can also further be developed as an accessory to existing heart and lung machines in order to achieve a pulsating blood flow, which would reduce the negative effect that a continuous blood flow has on vital organs such as the kidneys and liver.

Realheart Sternal prosthetic

Sternal prosthetics is a new application of the same technique found in hip and knee prosthetics and can be used to fixate the sternum in a simple and secure way when operating the chest. To date, it is common to sew the sternum and ribs back together with metal wire during open chest surgery. It is important that the patient lies still after the operation and doesn’t place pressure upon the arms, which leads to movement of the rib cage and sternum, and prologues and impairs the healing process and causes pain. Convalescence is estimated at around six to eight weeks. The sternal prosthetics stabilizes the entire rib cage immediately after the operation, allowing for much shorter bedridden healing time. Getting the body active is important for the postoperative healing process and therefore the prosthetics, apart from shortening convalescence time, also reduces the risk of common postoperative complications such as blood clots and pneumonia.