Innovator of the Year 2023

The Heart Beats for Västerås

The Innovator of the Year has, with determination and patience, gotten to where they are today. With a strong innovative force and a determined team, they have been recognised internationally and the whole world is their market. They say they are making history, but this is where the future grows. With the voice of the people behind them, they keep the pressure on. And if you listen carefully, you will hear the heart beating for Västerås. 💖

“My Own Experiences Have Driven Me Here”

“What we do is a fantastic contribution to the development of medical technology and improving people’s lives. I think many people can relate to heart disease in some way, either personally or through a close friend or relative. I also know from my own experience that people are willing to do anything to find treatments that work and save lives. But it is also important that the life you have left has a high quality of life. We want to ensure this with our hearts,” said the founder Azad Najar.


The Innovator of the Year is chosen by Almi Mälardalen. The prize is awarded to an innovative person, team or company that has developed an exemplary service or product that is completely new to the market in some respect.

The organisers are Almi Mälardalen, Företagarna Västerås, the Chamber of Commerce etc.