The Artificial Heart

Construction that mimics the human heart

Realheart has developed Realheart®️ TAH to treat advanced stage heart failure, completely replacing the diseased natural heart. The device is designed to mimic the function and form of the natural heart, gently circulating blood through the atria and ventricles with its unique atrioventricular plane. This design aims to minimize the risk of stroke, bleeding, and anemia, which are common side effects of heart pumps in use today.

Realheart®️ TAH is designed to be efficient, quiet, and lightweight to ensure that patients can live comfortably with high freedom of movement. The system is also designed with the medical procedure in mind to make the surgical implantation as simple as possible.

The artificial heart will be sold together with all necessary patient equipment: controller, battery belt, batteries, charger, and cables. The system will also come with equipment for the care provider at the hospital, equipment servicing, training for healthcare staff, and 24/7 support.