64 million patients suffer from heart failure worldwide.

64 million patients suffer from heart failure worldwide.

The share

Realheart is a public company listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market since December 17 2021, under the name (HEART).

Outcome of the completed rights issue

The rights issue of approximately SEK 56 million, decided by the Board of Directors, is now closed. For more information, we refer to the published press releases.

Realheart continues to work towards an approval of the Company’s artificial heart to help heart failure patients worldwide.

Realheart TAH

The Swedish innovation tradition has provided the world with medical technological inventions such as the heart and lung machine, the pacemaker and the dialysis machine. The next great innovation is Realheart’s artificial heart, Realheart TAH, a Swedish invention that not only saves lives but also creates a better quality of a prolonged life.

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