Ina Laura Perkins – CEO

Throughout her professional career, Ina Laura Perkins has worked with medical innovations. Before joining Realheart 2017, she held the position as Head of Research at Calon Cardio-Technology. Ina Laura Perkins started her academic career in stem cell research and did her doctorate at Swansea University Medical School and has an Executive MBA from Stockholm School of Economics.

Ina Laura Perkins owns 8 915 shares and 400 000 warrants of series 2022/2027.

Azad Najar – Chief Innovation Officer

Azad Najar is one of the founders of Realheart and the main inventor behind Realheart TAH. Azad is originally from Iraqi Kurdistan, a licensed doctor and works part time as chief physician in the urology department at Västmanland Hospital in Västerås. Azad Najar has been working with research and development of the basic idea behind the artificial heart since 1999.

Azad Najar (together with related parties) owns 3 272 635 shares.

Thomas Finocchiaro – Chief Technology Officer

Thomas Finocchiaro holds a PhD in electrical engineering from the University of Aachen. He has worked for more than ten years at the University Hospital of Aachen, including as manager of a Total Artificial Hearts programme. Before joining Realheart he was employed at Reinheart TAH GmbH, most recently as Chief Scientific Officer.

Thomas Finocchiaro owns 150 000 warrants of series 2022/2027.

Jonas Caspari Bark – Chief Financial Officer

Jonas Caspari Bark has solid experience from leading positions within both national and international groups and companies. He has held roles such as CEO, Business Controller, Audit Manager, Supply Change Manager and Internal Controls Analyst. The companies he has represented include ABB AB, Cassandra Oil AB, PricewaterhouseCoopers AB and Bombardier Transportation in Sweden, Belgium and Germany. In his most recent role, as CEO and purchasing manager for Ecokraft Sverige AB, Jonas has, among other things, been responsible for developing the finance and purchasing function. Jonas joined Realheart on August 5, 2022.

Jonas Caspari Bark owns owns 100 000 warrants of series 2022/2027.

Ulf Kjellman – Chief Medical Officer

Dr Kjellman has over 35 years of experience in cardiac and thoracic surgery. He has authored numerous scientific articles focusing on cardiovascular diseases. His experience extends to the field of MCS, both LVAD/RVADs with single ventricle support and TAH. Kjellman was one of the first to implant both HeartMate 2 and HeartMate 3, after CE marking. (left ventricular assist devices developed by Abbott) and also the cardiac surgeon who performed the first implantation of the SynCardia artificial heart in Sweden and Scandinavia in 2008.