CSR – Policy

Policy for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

In broad terms, corporate responsibility entails that Scandinavian Real Heart conducts its operation in a correct manner, in terms of ethics, social conduct and environmental aspects. This means that we respect people, society and our environment.

Our first and foremost responsibility is towards the patients that eventually will use our products and services. Everything we produce should be of the highest quality. We must continuously strive towards minimizing our costs in order to keep our prices low. Patients and customers must be provided with quick and correct service.

We must encourage improving our fellow citizens’ lives, for example by establishing a healthier lifestyle. We must recycle and use the resources that we have the privilege of using sparingly, in order to protect our environment and our natural resources.

We will always fight every form of corruption. Our co-workers and partners will always conduct themselves in an ethically correct manner in order to prevent all types of corrupt actions.

We must strive to be good citizens, support good actions and charity work as well as paying our part in the tax system. We have a responsibility towards the society that we live and work in but also towards our global community.

Business partners
Our business partners must respect our CSR policy as is stipulated in this document. When seeking new business partners, we will evaluate candidates based on their strengths within the field in question, whatever their nationality or size.

We have a financial responsibility towards our shareholders. The company should make a sound profit. We must explore new ideas. Research should be carried out continuously, innovation programmes be developed and mistakes be corrected. New technical apparatus must be developed, new services should be offered and new methods of treatment be launched. Shareholders will get a reasonable dividend, when we act upon these principles.