Advanced sensors make Realheart’s heart smarter

Realheart has signed a supply agreement to procure sensors from a Norwegian company that develops products for extreme and complex environments such as spacecrafts and the human body. The sensors are crucial components for Realheart's self-regulating heart pump, where the system senses the body's need for altered blood flow, for example during physical activity, and automatically regulates it.

Unlike existing heart pumps on the market, Realheart TAH has the ability to automatically adjust its pumping activity and deliver different amounts of blood based on the body's needs. For example, Realheart TAH will detect when a user starts exerting themselves and regulate blood flow accordingly. Sensors inside the heart pump are the crucial components that pick up that signal.

Real Heart has for a long time been looking for sensors that can meet the company's high component requirements. Now, an agreement has been signed with a Norwegian company that manufactures some of the world's most reliable pressure sensors which are used for instance in NASA spacecrafts and other extreme environments.  The alternative for Realheart would have been to develop its own sensor, which would take about two years at an estimated cost of 20 million SEK.

“Through this agreement and collaboration, Realheart will have access to ready-made, well-proven sensors. We thereby avoid taking a long and costly path with our own development. By using these sensors, we shorten the development path to the market significantly", says Azad Najar, Realheart's CEO and founder.