Azad Najar a speaker at the ICPM conference today

Today, 18 January, Realheart's founder Dr Azad Najar will be appearing at the ICPM conference in the United Arab Emirates. ICPM stands for International Conference of Pharmacy and Medicine and this is the second time Azad Najar has been invited. In addition, Realheart also has an exhibition space at the venue where the company's total artificial heart is presented.

Dr Azad Najar is the founder of Realheart and the inventor behind the company's artificial heart. He is originally from Iraqi Kurdistan and has received a lot of attention for his innovation in this region.

''Worldwide, 64 million patients suffer from heart failure, but few are currently treated with an artificial heart because the available product has such serious side effects resulting in low quality of life. Realheart has the potential to change this and save many, many lives – especially in the Middle East where people are falling ill at a younger age and should have many more years to live," said Azad Najar.

Realheart TAH is the first total artificial heart designed to mimic the structure and function of the human heart. It will replace the sick heart to save the lives of patients with advanced heart failure. Preclinical studies are ongoing and clinical trials are scheduled to begin in 2023.

More information is available on the conference website: https://icpm.ae/