Dr Azad Najar Keynote Speaker at the Opening of the AI Congress in Cairo

Press Release 09 February, 2023

Realheart's founder, innovator and now medical director, Azad Najar, had the honor of presenting the company's artificial heart as keynote speaker at a congress in Cairo early this year. The congress had Artificial Intelligence (AI) as its main theme and was organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

“We are delighted that knowledge of our artificial heart has reached so many parts of the world, especially the Middle East, where very few heart transplants are performed, so almost all heart failure patients, regardless of age, die from the disease. The average age of heart failure patients is also about 10 years younger than in the Western world. There are about 100 million people living in the Middle East, including about 10 million in Cairo. Realheart has the potential to save lives and improve the quality of life for those affected, especially important where people are falling ill earlier and should have many years to live”, says Dr Azad Najar.

The interest in Realheart and Azad Najar's innovation has long been noticed in the Middle East and now Azad had the chance to, once again, spread the word about the company's artificial heart to an interested audience.

The congress gathered 125 participants from 25 countries and was mainly aimed at young researchers in applied artificial intelligence, including in the healthcare sector. Azad Najar presented his thoughts on how AI could be used in artificial organs in the future. Specifically, he discussed how AI can help improve patient safety in heart pump patients.

“Realheart® TAH is automatically controlled by sensors that detect the amount of blood flowing back to the heart, allowing it to control that the right amount of blood is pumped out of Realheart® TAH's chamber. The controller generates a large amount of data and we have been investigating how AI could be used to make sense of it for more than a year”, says Azad Najar.

In all studies conducted by the company, the system has demonstrated high efficiency and accuracy in automatic blood flow regulation. Realheart® TAH is one of the most advanced control systems available for artificial hearts. The control system's advanced control algorithm allows the artificial heart to meet the body's blood needs by adjusting the same factors as the human heart does, including heart rate and stroke volume, but also how to balance blood flow to the lungs and to the body.