Jonas Caspari Bark New CFO at Realheart

Press release 27 June, 2022

Realheart has recruited Jonas Caspari Bark as its new Chief Financial Officer. He joins Realheart from a similar position with Ecokraft Sverige AB and has previously, among other things, worked in various roles within the ABB group. Jonas Caspari Bark starts on August 5.

Realheart is a Swedish company, headquartered in Västerås, that is developing the world's first artificial four-chamber heart. The company has recently taken several important steps forward, not least in leaving the prototype behind and now testing the clinical version of the heart in animal studies, with clinical trials expected to begin in 2024. As a result of this, interest in the company is increasing, and with it the need to further strengthen the finance function.

''I am so pleased to have been able to add Jonas Caspari Bark to our team when our current CFO Andreas Hultdin cannot be available to the extent we need going forward. He has been extremely important to Realheart and it is thanks to his skill and commitment that Jonas can now take over a finance function with well-structured and secure procedures and develop it further'' said Ina Laura Perkins, CEO.

Andreas Hultdin will leave his role on 5 August when Jonas Caspari Bark takes over, but Andreas will remain as a consultant to support the company as needed.

''Realheart's artificial heart is a super exciting product that will help save a lot of lives in the future. I am really looking forward to being involved in the work towards commercialisation. I have previous experience of getting onboard at this phase of the development process and hope to be able to contribute to our success, says Jonas Caspari Bark.