Realheart enters partnership with software experts Codialist

Realheart's artificial heart consists of two parts: an internal heart unit and an external control unit that is the brain of the system. The control unit software is now being tested to develop the final version in preparation for human clinical trials. This is being done in collaboration with medical device software experts Codialist.

Codialist is a software development firm for medical devices with special expertise in heart pump technologies having been spun off from Berlin Heart GmbH, a world-leading German manufacturer of assistive devices for patients with end-stage heart failure.

Codialist will help Realheart to carefully analyse the control software for future integration into the new control unit. Together with the experts from Codialist, Realheart's engineers will perform simulations and modelling of the Realheart automated control algorithm in various simulated clinical scenarios. This will ensure that the software works flawlessly rather than having to detect and fix it at a later stage, saving both time and resources.

''Codialist builds its expertise on years of clinical and industry experience. They have unique software expertise in controlling heart pumps and also know the innovation process from idea to market approval. This allows them to quickly gain an understanding of our application and our needs and to complement our own team at this important stage of our development as we are taking the first steps towards the clinical controller," says Realheart CEO Ina Laura Perkins.