Realheart Gets Go-Ahead for International Trademark Protection

Press Release, 28 June 2023

Scandinavian Realheart AB’s trademark registration of Realheart has been approved in important international markets, in addition to the protection the trademark already enjoys in Sweden. The registration allows the company to develop the brand so that it exclusively supports the company's total artificial heart.

“We are developing something completely different from what is available on the market today, which is why trademark protection is particularly important to us. It provides us good opportunity to both build and defend the value of our products,” says Realheart’s CEO Ina Laura Perkins.

The Realheart trademark was registered in Sweden in 2019, and the following year an application was submitted for international trademark registration. This application has now been approved in several key markets, including Australia, Canada, EU, Japan, Norway, Switzerland, UK and USA.

Realheart’s artificial heart is the first to be developed to mimic the four-chambered human heart and provide pulsating blood flow. It is also protected by several different patents in several important markets.

“Our goals are set high. We want patients to be able to return to a normal life again, we want to reach out to a large market and of course we also want to provide returns to those who invest in us. Therefore, we must ensure that we protect what we create,” says Ina Laura Perkins.