Realheart launches scientific advisory board

Realheart is now launching a scientific advisory board with experts who will help the company to quickly and safely commercialize its artificial heart. The board has three well-established experts: the thoracic surgeon Robert D. Dowling, prof. emeritus Henrik Ahn and prof. Zoltán Szabó.

Realheart's scientific advisory board is a panel of experts with relevant specialist competence that will advise the company in research work and product development, for example on preclinical and clinical studies. But with its strong links to the market, the board also provides access to knowledge about the prerequisites for breaking through the barriers. This leads to a faster and safer journey towards the goal of commercializing Realheart TAH.

The council consists of Henrik Casimir Ahn, professor emeritus in thoracic surgery with extensive clinical experience in heart pumps, Zoltán Szabó, professor of anaesthesiology with expertise in circulatory physiology and experimental surgery and thoracic surgeon Robert D. Dowling who is an well-established name in implants of artificial hearts.

“In order to move forward towards clinical studies and achieve our goals, it´s important to have access to expertise that is active in the field. Thanks to the unique product and continuously good results, we have succeeded in attracting some of the world's most meritorious experts to us in the new scientific advisory board, and more will be recruited as we go along. It feels great and is very important for the future ", says Azad Najar, CEO and founder of Realheart.