Realheart on display at the Technical Museum

In March 2020, the Technical Museum in Stockholm will launch its new exhibition called Hyper Human where Realheart will participate.

Realheart has been given the opportunity to be part of the Technical Museum's new exhibition Hyper Human to showcase Swedish medical technology innovation power, displayed in the same area as previous Swedish innovations such as the heart and lung machine, the pacemaker and the heart valve.

The company's product Realheart TAH will be displayed as part of the permanent exhibition for a period of five years.

“I'm very happy about this. This is the first time our artificial heart can be viewed at close range by the public. The fact that we are asked by the Technical Museum to participate in Hyper Human testifies both to the fact that Realheart is considered to be medical technical pioneers and that there is a great public interest in the company and what we will achieve, ”comments Azad Najar, CEO and founder of Realheart.

About Hyper Human

Hyper human – part of the Technical Museum's long-term commitment to technology's ever closer relationship with man – is an exploratory experience of living in symbiosis with technology. Among other things, they will address AI, monitoring and strengthening of the human body. The exhibition opens in March 2020 and lasts for five years. Read more about the exhibition here: https://www.tekniskamuseet.se/en/discover/exhibitions/hyper-human/