Realheart strenghens its patent portfolio

Realheart continuously works with patent protection on its inventions. Recently a patent was approved on the Chinese market. Additionally, strengthening patents regarding the company’s connection plates have been filed in the spring, and two applications regarding future products are being processed.

Realheart works strategically with protecting the company’s technologies on the major current and future markets across the world, and applications are being filed continuously. The latest patent was approved and the registration became official in the end of May, and covers the protection of Realheart TAH in China with its 1.4 billion inhabitants.  

Realheart’s strategy is not only to protect the artificial heart’s design and function, but also individual components and supporting technologies. During spring a patent application has been filed to strengthen the protection of an updated version of the connection plates, which helps the surgeon to connect the artificial heart to the vessels and tissue of the body.

In addition to this the company is looking forward and works with the protection of future product version. This has led to two patent applications in process to be submitted to the patent office shortly.

”Patent protection is very important to us, to create value in the company and to secure Realheart’s future commercialization. We thus look at it as a strategic task that we continuously  work on in parallel with product development.”, says Azad Najar, CEO and founder.