Realheart Team Attends ESAO Conference in Austria

Press Release 6 September, 2022

Realheart has been invited to the annual conference of the European Society for Artificial Organs, which will take place in Krems, Austria, 6-10 September. Three of the company's engineers will present their research at the conference. CEO Ina Laura Perkins and CTO Thomas Finocchiaro will also be in attendance to make contacts and represent the company.

Soteris Andreou presents his work on developing methods for reliability testing while Joseph Bornoff at University of Bath and Faisal Zaman present their methodology for blood testing – all processes that will be used to produce the data that need to be included in applications to regulatory authorities to start clinical trials.

Joseph Bornoff and Faisal Zaman have also been awarded the 2022 yESAO Exchange Award and will receive this at the conference. yESAO Exchange Awards is a stipend for young researchers with the aim of building international networks and producing advancements in the field of research.

''Realheart is the world's first four-chamber artificial heart, so in much of the research we do and the methods we develop, we are breaking new ground. That's why we're increasingly invited to present our findings at international conferences. This time it's particularly exciting because it's some of our younger talents who get to talk about their work themselves, and receive an award for it,'' said Ina Laura Perkins, CEO of Realheart.