Realheart to Host International Conference in Västerås 15 June

Press release, 15 June 2022

On June 15, Realheart will host an international conference on artificial hearts to share the research results generated within the company and its network of scientists during the development of the Realheart TAH. The conference will take place in Västerås, where the company has its headquarters and development labs.

This is the first time that an international conference on artificial hearts has been held in Sweden, and the company hopes to invite even more international participants next time.

''It would be great to showcase Västerås and promote Sweden to researchers from countries that are strong in this field of research – and important markets for heart pumps – such as Belgium, Germany, Turkey, the UK, and the US," said Ina Laura Perkins, CEO of Realheart.

The conference is multidisciplinary, and participants range from engineers specializing in electronics, computer systems and mechanics to medical professionals such as biomedical analysts, nurses, perfusionists and surgeons. In addition, there are investors within the life science industry who can bring a financial perspective to the discussions. Students, graduate students, professors, and senior industry executives also participate. With 40% of female speakers, the conference also contributes to the company's work towards the UN's sustainability goals by striving to increase women's influence in technology in general and the heart pump industry specifically.

As part of the program, Professor Michael Uhlin from Karolinska Institutet and Professor Henrik Ahn from Linköping University will moderate a discussion on hemocompatibility for pulsating artificial hearts. Katharine Fraser from the University of Bath will lead a session on data modelling – which will also feature Realheart founder Azad Najar – and Professor Libera Fresiello, University of Twente, will give a session on circulatory mock loop testing.

''We hope this will help build stronger expertise in Sweden in this area. It would create a breeding ground for faster development, not only for our own future product portfolio, but also for other medical technology start-ups in Sweden'' said Ina Laura Perkins.