Realheart’s CEO in Al Jazeera interview: “We will solve the problem of the donated organ shortage”

In an interview with the television channel Al Jazeera at the end of last week, Realheart's CEO Azad Najar stated that the 7,000 heart failure patients who receive a donated organ annually represent a fraction of the need in the world.

Realheart's CEO Azad Najar was asked about the global need for the company's artificial heart during a live interview in Al Jazeera last Thursday. He explained how less than two percent of all heart failure patients in the world receive an organ transplant, which today is the only possible treatment for patients with severe heart failure, and that there is an enormous need for a well-functioning artificial heart.

"This is the reason for developing Realheart's product. A mass-produced artificial heart lacks the limitations which results in only 7,000 organs can be transplanted annually. There is no limit to how many millions of people we can save”, Azad Najar concluded.

The Al Jazeera interview ended a couple of weeks where both BBC, MBC and Sky News have discovered the news about Realheart and its founder Azad Najar, who was born and raised in Iraqi Kurdistan, featuring it in their global Arabic channels.