Realheart’s CEO to Present at the Swiss Nordic Bio Zürich Healthcare Investor Conference

Press Release, 29 March, 2023

Artificial hearts open the door to a paradigm shift in the care of patients with severe heart failure. Here, saving lives and reducing healthcare costs go hand in hand. There is an increased interest in the possibilities of total artificial hearts (TAH) and the interest in Realheart is much higher this year compared to last year's conference. Ina Laura Perkins will present the company at 12.00 on March 30, followed by several personal meetings with European medtech investors.

For the second year in a row, Realheart is participating in Business Sweden's healthcare conference Swiss Nordic Bio (https://www.swissnordicbio.com/) in Zurich. The conference is aimed at companies and investors in life science and the market interest in total artificial hearts (TAH) is great. Currently, there are very limited viable options for the millions of patients in need of a new heart. Realheart is at the forefront of developing a TAH solution expected to offer significant benefits over artificial hearts available today. Some of these expected benefits include a TAH design closely resembling the human heart; having natural, pulsating blood flow (expected to reduce the risks of blood-related side effects); and featuring sensor-based self-regulation. In addition, the TAH is composed of two separate pumps providing a better fit in the chest and has a long battery life. A good enough alternative can save lives and maintain a good quality of life, while reducing healthcare costs.

"It is fantastic that the knowledge of the possibilities offered by a new generation of TAHs is spreading. We see it not only in the range of exhibitions and conferences, but also in the growth of our network of surgeons and other specialists, which results in us being able to recruit highly qualified people with extensive experience in heart pumps and thoracic surgery," said CEO Ina Laura Perkins.

The number of potential patients for Realheart is unfortunately unlimited and the supply of heart transplants is nowhere near matching the need for a new heart. Today, 9 million people die annually from cardiovascular disease and stroke, which together are the most common cause of death globally. The company's French competitor has forecast sales of over SEK 100 million already this year, i.e. the first year they are fully commercialized in the TAH market. Realheart estimates that the market for Realheart® TAH will only be limited by the number of units that can be manufactured. One advantage of the company's heart is that it does not consist of any biological tissues, but only pure mechanics and a modular construction method. This means that there are no limitations when it comes to mass production.

"We are developing our total artificial heart to be the absolute best for the patients and give them a continued good quality of life, but also to enable a fast surgery, which we have also shown in our animal studies. We have a huge challenge ahead of us, but with the knowledge that each TAH could give the patient 5-10 years more to live – and is also replaceable, the challenge feels very relevant and the target for market launch remains 2026," said Ina Laura Perkins.

The conference is a very good opportunity for the company to showcase Realheart® TAH to medtech investors and spread the message of a coming paradigm shift in the care of end-stage heart failure patients. With the treatment methods used today, patients suffer from long-term health problems and hospitalization. This means personal suffering and a high burden and cost to the healthcare system. With the company's TAH on the market, heart failure patients' lives will be saved, while contributing to reduced healthcare costs for society.