Realheart’s surgeon in TED Talk on artificial hearts

Realheart's vision is that no one should have to die of heart failure in the future, and one person who shares this vision is Dr Dilek Gürsoy. She is one of Europe's leading heart surgeons and the one who performs the implantations in Realheart's animal studies. Her presentation on artificial hearts from TEDxStuttgart in September this year is now available online: https://youtu.be/s4Ssh2JrZRA

''My presentation is about the current state of artificial heart treatment and research. Currently, the best solution for a patient with end-stage heart failure is a heart transplant, and I argue that it cannot continue to be the case that one person has to die for another to live on. We need better options," said Dilek Gürsoy.

Dilek Gürsoy was born in Germany in 1976. Her career took shape early on after her father died of heart disease when she was 10. In 2012, she became the first female surgeon in Europe to implant an artificial heart. In 2019, she was named the German Medical Club's Doctor of the Year. She has run her own practice and is currently the head physician at a private clinic in Düsseldorf while also participating in Realheart's animal studies.

Dr Dilek Gürsoy has been involved in more than 100 artificial heart implantations, performing around 30 herself. In the TedX presentation, held in German, Dr Gürsoy shows images from one such implantation and she also demonstrates two new artificial hearts currently in development: the Reinheart TAH and the Realheart TAH (inside torso).

''Throughout the operations, I have always felt humbled by the fact that I will most likely save the patient's life, but also change it forever. Some colleagues do not want to implant an artificial heart at all because the patient's quality of life will be so limited with the options available today. That's why new, innovative solutions are needed,'' says Dilek Gürsoy.