Results from Realheart’s latest trial series: The sheep was awakened and able to eat

Realheart has successfully completed this fall's animal trail series. During the last operation in December, the sheep survived the entire critical post-operation phase with stable vital signs. The animal could be awakened and then eat by itself. The result of the operation means that the company has already reached the trial series goals. Therefore, it has been decided to refrain from the fifth and final operation planned for January.

In the spring of 2019, a series of successful surgeries were performed in which Realheart achieved crucial milestones in terms of improving implant technology. Five operations were planned for the period October to January, where intensive care during the post-operative phase would be improved and standardized. With the aim of switching to increasingly longer trials in order to finally be able to fully awaken the animal.

The result of the fourth operation, which took place in December, shows that with the new intensive care routines established, the animal survived the first most critical hours with good oxygenation, stable blood pressure and blood count. The Sheep opened the eyes and began to take its first meal the night after surgery. Appetite is a clear indication of well-being. In order not to deviate from the test's protocol and ethical rules, the trial was terminated after about 20 hours while the animal's circulation and blood count were still completely stable.

Reaheart TAH's automatic control has been an important factor in achieving success in the animal trials. With its help the circulation of the animal could be regulated automatically and in a physiologically correct way. This prevented the onset of the complications common when implantating total artificial hearts.

“We are now confident that we have a good heart pump with great potential, good properties and a strong ability to integrate into the body's own vascular system, as well as an implantation technique that works. It was emotional to see how Realheart TAH could completely replace the natural heart's activity and give life. However, we still have a lot of work ahead of us. We will continue to develop the project with gradual, steady progress, and mobilize all the power and ability to achieve our vision that no human being needs to die of heart failure, ”says Azad Najar, CEO and founder.