Second Animal Implantation To Take Place July 6

Press Release, 23 July 2022

Earlier this month, the first in a series of animal implantations to test the newly developed clinical version of Realheart's artificial heart was performed. The next surgery has now been scheduled for 6 July.

The implantations are performed in an animal laboratory in Belgium by Dr. Dilek Gürsoy, Dr Joeri van Puyvelde and Professor Bart Meyns, all experienced cardiac surgeons. The scheduling of the surgery depends on the availability of all three surgeons and the laboratory. The next surgery has now been scheduled for July 6 and preparations are underway.

This will be the second implantation of the clinical version of the Realheart® TAH – the version that will eventually be used in humans. Clinical trials are to begin in 2024 according to plan.

''We feel very satisfied after the previous operation. The surgical team managed to implant the pump in just over 2 hours, which is an extremely important factor affecting the patient's chances of survival. The pump's performance was optimal and our expectations for the next surgery are very high'' said Ina Laura Perkins, CEO of Realheart.