The Nomination Committee’s Proposal for the Annual General Meeting on 7 June 2024 in Scandinavian Real Heart AB

Item 1 – Election of Chairman of the Meeting
On the Annual General Meeting 2023 Kim Norström and Azad Najar were elected as Nomination Committee. The Nomination Committee proposes that Magnus Öhman, or whoever the Nomination Committee appoints in his absence, be appointed Chairman at the Annual General Meeting.

Item 8 – Determination of number of Board members and auditors
The Nomination Committee proposes that the Board of Directors should consist of six ordinary Board members without deputies.
Further, the Nomination Committee proposes to appoint a registered auditing company as auditor.

Item 9 – Determination of fees for Board members and auditor
The Nomination Committee proposes that a fee of SEK 160,000 shall be paid to the Chairman of the Board of Directors and SEK 77,500 to each of the other Board members who are not employees within the Company. Fees to the auditor are proposed to be paid according to approved invoices.

Item 10 –Election of Board members, Chairman of the Board and Auditor
The Nomination Committee proposes, for the time until the end of the next Annual General Meeting, re-election of Magnus Öhman, Azad Najar, Oliver Voigt, Solveig Bergström, Giovanni Lauricella and Stuart McConchie as Board members. Furthermore, it is proposed to re-elect Magnus Öhman as Chairman of the Board of Directors. Ulf Grape and Christer Norström have chosen not to stand for re-election.

As auditor, the Nomination Committee proposes that the registered auditing firm Grant Thornton Sweden AB shall be re-elected for the period until the Annual General Meeting 2024. Grant Thornton Sweden AB has informed that, on the condition that the General Meeting decides in accordance with the Nomination Committee's proposal, the authorized public accountant Joakim Söderin will continue as auditor-in-charge.

Item 11 – Election of Nomination Committee
The Nomination Committee proposes that the Annual General Meeting resolves that the Nomination Committee for the 2025 Annual General Meeting shall consist of Christer Norström and Azad Najar.