Update on Realheart’s animal studies

Last fall, Realheart decided to move from the prototype to the clinical version – the one that will eventually be used for humans – in the development of its artificial heart. The design is complete and production is underway. During December and January, it has been tested on deceased animals and virtual patients in preparation for the animal studies on the clinical version planned for this spring.

The new version of the Realheart TAH has a higher pump capacity and a smaller size than the prototype. This provides an improved fit in both animals and humans, as confirmed in the winter studies. In addition, it has a built-in advanced sensor system.

''We have confirmed in previous operations that our system works well. The implantations we have done now have been aimed at implementing the latest design changes and fine-tuning the surgical approach for the next series of operations,'' said Realheart CEO Ina Laura Perkins.

The work is progressing according to plan and the company intends to conduct a small series of animal trials with the human version in the spring. Realheart TAH (Total Artificial Heart) is the world's first four-chamber artificial heart, and the development process has attracted considerable international interest. The implantations are being carried out at a clinic in Belgium, and one of the test implantations was filmed by a television team from Germany. Germany is a major European TAH-market. The programme will be broadcast on German television in April.