New area of usage for the Real Heart heart pump

During the development of model 11, which is designed in two halves, we have, together with heart surgeons, seen new possibilities to use one pump half as a ventricular assist device. On May 4th the we performed the first test to operate the Real Heart assisist device into a test animal.

 Up until now we have worked with a TAH product (Total Artificial Heart). This type of heart pump is used when the entire heart fails. A more common condition is when only one half of the heart fails. This type of failure can be temporary and can occur after e.g. an acute inflammation of the heart muscle. Patients with acute heart failure can be saved by implanting a ventricular assist device to support the failing half of the heart without removing the biological heart. A ventricular assist device is thus a smaller pump that works in coordination with the failing heart half, and supports it so that circulation is sustained at a sufficient level.

After a thorough assessment together with heart surgeons we took the decision to preform a first test  to insert a heart pump half model 11 as a ventricular assist. This operation was perfect.

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About Scandinavian Real Heart AB – Only approximately 5000 heart transplants are performed yearly in the world, and the supply of donor hearts is very limited. The need is great, and patients with heart failure die while waiting for a new heart. Scandinavian Real Heart is developing a heart pump (TAH) that mimics the body’s natural circulation, that will be possible to use as a temporary solution for patients waiting for a heart transplant.