Real Heart plans to perform next series of tests in the United States

Real Heart plans to perform survival animal tests in the United States together with heart surgeons at Memorial Herman Medical Center and the University Hospital in Linköping. In week 22, Real Heart CEO Azad Najar and board chairman Göran Hellers visited leading US heart surgeons who are active in development and testing of heart pump systems.

 Real Heart’s patented mechanical heart was met with great interest. A preliminary agreement about a cooperation has already been planned. The next series of tests, survival tests, will be performed in one of the most well equipped and experienced laboratories.

 A contract discussion and time planning has been initiated. The laboratory is certified, which means that survival tests performed at this laboratory are approved as documentation for FDA and CE certification of our product.

The development team at Real Heart are now developing a larger heart, which can pump larger volumes of blood, since the Texas laboratory wants to use larger animals than the ones that Real Heart has previously tested on.


Azad Najar says in a comment – “We look very positively at the cooperation with Memorial Hermann Medical Center, which has world leading competence within this area. We are very happy about their positive response to our innovation, and that they, together with the research team at the University Hospital in Linköping, want to take the next very important step in the development of the mechanical heart. For me as an innovator, this is a very large step forward. My goal is that patients with heart failure will be able to live a better life, and that very sick hearts shall be possible to replace. We have now come one step further on our journey. ”


For more information, please contact:

Azad Najar, CEO
phone 073-667 34 63
e-mail azad.najar@realheart.se


About Scandinavian Real Heart AB – Only approximately 5000 heart transplants are performed yearly in the world, and the supply of donor hearts is very limited. The need is great, and patients with heart failure die while waiting for a new heart. Scandinavian Real Heart is developing a heart pump (TAH) that mimics the body’s natural circulation, that will be possible to use as a temporary solution for patients waiting for a heart transplant.