Real Heart successfully completes phase 1 of pre-clinical animal operations.

We performed another animal operation with the heart pump model 11 on May 3rd . This operation was successful and the pump functioned extraordinarily well, both mechanically and medically. The test showed that the heart pump could sustain a normal heart function at a stable level for a longer period of time on sedated animals.

As we have previously communicated, heart pump modell 11 is a competitive heart pump, type Total Artificial Heart (TAH), which replaces the deseased heart completely. Heart pump modell 11 fulfills all of the criteria that leading heart surgeons set up a couple of years ago. Additionally, it is the only heart pump (TAH) in the world that can beat with a pulse of 140-150 beats per minute. During the previous animal operations we have focused on tuning the surgical operation procedure. At the operation last week, we could optimize the care of the animal, and the animal functioned without complications also during the most sensitive period when implanting the heart pump. As a result of the test on May 3rd, we now announce that we are ready to proceed to the next phase of pre-clinical trials on animals, i.e. survival tests.  

The result of this operation was so positive that we have decided, after a discussion with the surgical team, to cancel the operations that we had planned for June. We have thus decided the proceed immediately with the application to the animal ethics committee to obtain approval to perform survival tests. This means that the pump is implanted, and that the animal is then awakened from anesthesia. We hope to start these tests in Sweden in the beginning of this fall. We will, as previously communicated, visit Cleveland Clinic and Texas Heart Institute in Houston in the end of May. Primarily Houston has shown great interest in participating in the survival test project.

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About Scandinavian Real Heart AB – Only approximately 5000 heart transplants are performed yearly in the world, and the supply of donor hearts is very limited. The need is great, and patients with heart failure die while waiting for a new heart. Scandinavian Real Heart is developing a heart pump (TAH) that mimics the body’s natural circulation, that will be possible to use as a temporary solution for patients waiting for a heart transplant.