Realheart gets recognition in American medical journal

Realheart is one of the leading companies in total artificial hearts, according to the journal Cardiac Interventions Today, which is revealed in an article published yesterday.

Cardiac Interventions Today is an established American journal focused on raising the latest technology and clinical studies on cardiovascular diseases.

The article entitled “The Next Wave of Mechanical Circulatory Support Devices”, which has recently been published, aims to demonstrate how far development in mechanical technology for cardiac support has come. The article addresses both companies that develop heart assistants and total artificial hearts. In the latter category, Realheart is highlighted as one of the top companies. It is especially the pulsatile blood flow that draws the attention to the company.

The article is written by Professor Robert D. Dowling, Heart Surgeon Specialist and former Director of the Heart Transplant and Heart Assistance Program at Jewish Hospital & St Mary’s Healthcare in Pennsylvania. Dowling is considered a pioneer in implantation of artificial hearts. Co-authors are Dr. Carlo R. Bartoli, a practicing cardiologist in Philadelphia and well known for his research on blood damage and side effects of heart pump treatment.

“The fact that someone like Robert Dowling writes about our Västerås company in this prestigious American magazine and establishes Realheart with thousands of heart surgeons and other specialists makes me extremely proud,” says Realhearts CEO Azad Najar.

The entire article can be read here: The next wave of mechanical circulatory support devices