Scandinavian Real Heart presents its heart pump system

Scandinavian Real Heart now presents its heart pump system, which consists of heart pump model 11, control box, battery belt and the Sternal Prothesis. The company has taken some further steps towards being able to offer mechanical hearts to patients with severe heart failure.

After 17 years of research, the company has now developed a complete system for implantation of mechanical hearts. The latest heart pump, model 11, is a development of the previous models. It is smaller, quieter, and easier to implant. As the first heart pump in the world it has a replaceable drive component, which gives the pump a longer life time.

This model is controlled by its own electronics and software in the control box, which is located on the battery belt external from the body. The system has been designed with simplicity, safety and usability in focus.

The company has also developed the first prototype of the battery belt. The development onwards will focus on individual adaptations and usability.

When developing the heart pump, the company has recognised certain problems associated with thorax operations. Postoperative pain and pneumonia are some of the complications that are common in all thoracic surgery, not only after heart pump implantation.

The company has thus developed a new concept, the Sternal Prothesis, which is a new application of the same principle used in, for example, hip and knee protheses. The Sternal Prothesis was primarily developed as a part of the heart pump system to simplify the replacement of the heart pump’s drive system when needed. Additionally, it can help to fixate the sternum in a simple and sable way, and thereby alleviate the common, above mentioned, postoperative complications. The concept is completely new, and a patent application has been submitted.

We will now continue the verification of the heart pump system, and also start the verification of the Sternal Protheses, first on animals and later, if animal trials are successful, in clinical trials on humans.

The company has chosen to present the heart pump system in detail through four video clips that are published on the company web page instead of, as previously communicated, on a press meeting.