The development project will enter a new phase.

After intensive work during last year the Scandinavian Real Heart´s heart pump development project will enter a new phase. The project basically includes three parts: mechanics, electronics / software and energy supply. The basic solutions of these parts are expected to be in place during late January through mid-February, when the heart pump model 11 is going to be presented to the press and general public.

The electronics are already designed, and the software will be delivered early January. Work with the power supply and the control box to be mounted with the batteries on the battery belt are underway and these features will be presented at a press conference in February. After that there will probably only be minor adjustments.

The company then goes into a new phase including intensive animal testing to finally be able to start the clinical studies that are part of the certification process. Certification is necessary to test the heart pump in humans. We are currently in discussions with laboratories where we will carry out long-term experiments on animals. In long-term experiments the artificial heart is tested in animals that are woken up after surgery and kept alive in as good conditions as possible for several weeks. These trials will begin in April which is in line with what we have previously communicated.

Model 11 is the first version with built-in electronics and software, and therefore, with its own intelligence. Technically, we are thus a few months ahead of our original schedule.

Scandinavian Real Hearts pump has a unique design that allows it to be serviced and parts replaced without the patient having to undergo extensive surgery with heart-lung machine connected. This makes our version smoother and more durable compared to competing heart pumps.

During November, we had the opportunity to show our heart pump for the Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, who was visiting Västerås to meet innovators. Pictures of the meeting are available on our website. We had the opportunity to present pump model 10, which has shown good properties in tests on animals.


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