Real Heart

The objective for Scandinavian Real Heart is to develop a heart pump (TAH), with better function than those available on the market. The pump shall primarily be used as a transitional solution for patients waiting for a heart transplant. The basic idea is that the pump shall function as much like the natural heart as possible.

The heart pump consists of an outer shell of titanium, which is a substance that is not rejected by the body. The heart valves are of the same type and have been used in traditional heart surgery for decades. The external energy source consists of a battery vest that is complemented by a small rechargeable battery is implanted inside the body under existing proven technologies already on the market. The implanted battery allows the patient to remove the battery vest for a while to change the batteries or to take a shower. During development, Scandinavian Real Heart has met many challenges. We have developed a series of models, tested them and gradually solved one challenge after another. With model 8 we have verified the following:

  • A pressure balance similar to the natural l heart, meaning that left heart has higher pressure than the right heart.
  • Achieved the required pump capacity, the required pressure and a heart rate similar to the natural heart
  • During animal testing verified normal blood circulation in an animal body
  • Develop an electric engine for the operation of the heart pump
  • Achieved a size that can be adapted to existing space in chest
  • Developed simple connectivity to the bloodstream
  • Partnership in development with leading specialists

During the last 10 years, Scandinavian Real Heart has developed a network of specialists in thoracic surgery, physiology, materials, medical technology, energy technology, and motor and motor control. The company has also initiated cooperation with leading Swedish heart surgeons.