The share

Realheart is a public company listed on Spotlight Stock Market since 2014 under the name (HEART).

About the research

Realheart plans to move over to human studies in 2022. To get there, animal studies are required in accordance with government regulations. In 2019, a trial series was carried out on sheep. See the film from the last trial here.

Realheart TAH

The Swedish innovation tradition has provided the world with medical technological inventions such as the heart and lung machine, the pacemaker and the dialysis machine. The next great innovation is Realheart’s artificial heart, Realheart TAH, a Swedish invention that not only saves lives but also creates a better quality of a prolonged life.

Read more about Realheart TAH here

Ice hockey legends support Realheart

The three former NHL-players Börje Salming, Fredrik Olausson and Jimmie Ölvestad are buying shares in Realheart.

The athletic stars are since a long time ambassadors for organ donation and has decided to support other alternatives, such as Realheart.

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