Realheart has recruited a biomedical engineer to its blood lab

Realheart is building one of Europe's leading blood testing laboratories at the Karolinska Hospital. It currently involves six people, three at Realheart and three employed at the lab. Now Shaikh Faisal Zaman, a biomedical engineer from Linköping University, has joined the laboratory team.

Realheart's blood testing laboratory, which is partly funded by a grant from the Winberg Foundation, can perform tests on human blood instead of animal blood, which has previously been the norm. The research aims to minimise side effects in the next generation of artificial hearts, something that has been a major problem until now.

Next to join the laboratory team is Shaikh Faisal Zaman, who has a Masters degree in biomedical engineering from Linköping University. There, he has been part of a research group at the Unit of Cardiovascular Sciences, implementing, among other things, a visualisation of Realheart's total artificial heart to investigate valve movements and heart rates, as well as programming a blood flow analysis to study max speed, kinetic energy and more using magnetic resonance imaging.

''To minimise impact on blood is absolutely crucial to a heart pump. That has been a problem with older solutions which all cause blood damage over time. When we enter clinical trials, it is our ultimate goal to make our heart pump the best on the market. That's why we've designed it to mimic the functions of the human heart, and why we put so much focus on the important issue of blood management," says Realheart CEO Ina Laura Perkins.