Tue, 05 May 2020 11:13:36 +0200

Realheart establishes new partnerships

Realheart has reached a high level with respect to technical concept development of its artificial heart. In parallel with continued development work, the company is now looking for suitable partners to support Realheart in the continued development work of the version that will eventually be implanted in man.

After this winter's successful animal testing, Realheart's focus has been on reviewing the manufacturing strategy for the upcoming clinical trials. The company has identified two alternative routes. Either to build your own organization with the necessary resources, or to find certified suppliers and partners with expertise in the development of medical technology products.

Realheart estimates that large investments would be required over a couple of years to build up our own plant and organization. Therefore, in order to save time and money, the company has chosen to seek partners who have the necessary expertise in materials, development and manufacture of implantable medical products. Recently, Realheart has therefore worked actively to identify possible partners both in Sweden and internationally.

For more information please contact:

Azad Najar, CEO

Phone: +46(0)736 673 463

e-mail: azad.najar@realheart.se 

Scandinavian Real Heart AB develops a total artificial heart (TAH) for implantation in patients with life-threatening heart failure. Realheart TAH has a unique, patented design that resembles that of the natural human heart. The artificial heart consists of a four-chamber system (two atriums and two chambers) which provides the opportunity to generate a physiologically adapted blood flow that mimics the body's natural circulation. A unique concept in the medical technology world.


Realheart establishes new partnerships (PDF)