Scientific article on how Realheart reduces the need for laboratory animals

Realheart continues to support alternative methods that reduce the need for animal testing. A study of virtual implants in animals, involving Realheart has been published in the international journal Artificial Organs. The study concludes, among other things, that virtual implants are an effective way to refine product design and reduce unnecessary suffering of animals. A…


Realheart in discussions with the FDA – the US Food and Drug Administration

Realheart aims at the US market and confirms its development plan towards the first trial in human patients. The United States is the world’s largest market for total artificial hearts and thus very important for Realheart, which intends to sell its product, Realheart TAH, there. Before this can happen, it is necessary that Realheart’s products…


Realheart describes the forthcoming artificial heart in new video

Realheart develops the world’s first artificial four-chamber heart and will help the 98 percent of all heart failure patients who are unable to get a donated human organ. In a new animated film, the company explains how the artificial heart will work and why future patients should be able to live an almost normal life…


Realheart gets recognition in American medical journal

Realheart is one of the leading companies in total artificial hearts, according to the journal Cardiac Interventions Today, which is revealed in an article published yesterday. Cardiac Interventions Today is an established American journal focused on raising the latest technology and clinical studies on cardiovascular diseases. The article entitled “The Next Wave of Mechanical Circulatory…


Real Hearts pre-clinical trial progresses

On Wednesday, June 6, the third pre-clinical trial with Real Heart ™ was carried out. We could this time wake up the test animal to a stable state with stable vital parameters, especially with regard to blood pressure and heart rate. During two hours of observation after cardiac pump implantation, the parameters of the animal…


Real Heart: Continued progress in the second preclinical trial

On Wednesday, May 9, the second of four planned preclinical tests of Real Heart ™ on calves were conducted at the laboratory in Belgium. The goal was from the beginning to conduct an acute test without waking up the calf from anesthesia but since the calf showed stable hemodynamic parameters, we decided to wake up…


The first calf test with Real Heart ™ was a success

On April 25, the first of four planned preclinical tests with Real Heart ™ was performed on calves at the laboratory in Belgium. The outcome of the tests was better than expected both in terms surgical technique and the principle function of the pump.   As a preparation for the calf test, we have done…


Scandinavian Real Heart recruits new employee and establishes contact with Texas Heart Institute in Houston and with Cleveland Clinic.

Scandinavian Real Heart recruits new employee and establishes contact with Texas Heart Institute in Houston and with Cleveland Clinic.  After performing successful tests on version 11, Scandinavian Real Heart will shortly end the pre-clinical tests on sleeping animals, and start a new phase of pre-clinical survival tests. These tests will initially be performed in cooperation…


Listing on AktieTorget

Scandinavian Real Heart planerar att listas på AktieTorget. Teckningstiden pågår mellan den 14 och 28 oktober.


Invitation to meetings

Välkommen till informationsträffar om Scandinavian Real Heart AB´s notering på AktieTorget. För anmälan till eller ytterligare information om nedanstående informationsträffar, vänligen kontakta: Sedermera Fondkommission Telefon: 0431-47 17 00 Uppsala – torsdagen den 9 oktober 2014 kl. 18.00 – Investerarträff på Salagatan 18A (gamla polishuset). Malmö – tisdagen den 14 oktober 2014 kl. 17.30 –…


Real Heart: New stock issue before the listing on AktieTorget

Idag, den 14 oktober 2014, inleds teckningstiden i Scandinavian Real Heart AB:s (”Real Heart”) nyemission inför notering på AktieTorget. Teckningstiden löper till och med den 28 oktober 2014. Vid fulltecknad nyemission tillförs bolaget cirka 10 MSEK före emissionskostnader. Real Heart har erhållit teckningsförbindelser om cirka 5 MSEK. I samband med nyemissionen kommer Real Heart att…


Real Heart: IPO completed

Den 28 oktober 2014 avslutades teckningstiden i Scandinavian Real Heart AB:s (”Real Heart”) nyemission inför notering på AktieTorget. Nyemissionen tecknades till drygt 8,8 MSEK inklusive teckningsåtagare, vilket motsvarar en teckningsgrad om drygt 88 procent. Genom nyemissionen nyemitteras 1 920 625 aktier. Real Heart tillförs därmed drygt 8,8 MSEK (före emissionskostnader om cirka 0,8 MSEK) tillsammans med…


Developments in Real Heart recent months