Mon, 30 Sep 2019 14:24:00 +0200

Real Heart optains grant of 500 000 SEK

The foundation ”Stiftelsen familjen Nils Winbergs fond” has decided to award Scanidinavian Real Heart AB a grant of 500 000 SEK. The grant will be used to establish a Swedish blood test lab together with Karolinska institutet.

There is currently no established laboratory for evaluation of heart pumps with human blood, which means that tests of heart pumps are performed with animal blood. The results that are obtained are insufficient to verify different ways to lessen side effect due to blood damage, as human blood differs from animal blood. For human blood there are more tests available to evaluate different ways to reduce or avoid blood damage, so using human blood would lead to greater knowledge. It would also lead to a reduction in the need for animal blood. This will all in all lead to the development of safer heart pumps.

The coperation between Karolinska Institutet and Real Heart is promising in many ways, partly considering that Karolinska Institutet  is locate next to Stockholm’s largest blood center and partly because Real Heart is far ahead with the development of a novel, unique concept for an artificial heart. Real Heart has invested in a number of clinically used reference pumps that can be used for development- and validation work.  

”We are incredibly thankful for the grant that we have received from “Stiftelsen familjen Nils Winbergs fond”. A Swedish blood test lab can come to be world leading with regards to human blood tests, drive development for the entire heart pump industry, as well as supporting Real Heart to reach the market quicker with a safe product”, comments Azad Najar, the CEO of Real Heart

For more information please contact:

Azad Najar, VD

Tel: +46(0)736-673 463


Scandinavian Real Heart AB develops a total artificial heart (TAH) for implantation in patients with life-threatening heart failure. Realheart TAH has a unique, patented design that resembles that of the natural human heart. The artificial heart consists of a four-chamber system (two atriums and two chambers) which provides the opportunity to generate a physiologically adapted blood flow that mimics the body's natural circulation. A unique concept in the medical technology world.


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