Tue, 31 Aug 2021 16:40:00 +0200

Realheart prepares listing on Nasdaq First North Growth Market break

The Board of Directors of Scandinavian Real Heart AB (plc) ("Realheart") today announces its intention of a change of listing from Spotlight Stock Market to Nasdaq First North Growth Market in the spring of 2022. The process will be initiated this fall.

Realheart is developing the world's first total artificial heart (TAH) that mimics a human heart, and has been listed on the Spotlight Stock Market since 2014. Since then, the company has completed the development of the principle design and is now in the process of modifying the latest concept version, which is now being tested and verified before human studies can take place.

The Board believes that a change of trading venue for the company's shares to the Nasdaq First North Growth Market will increase market awareness of Realheart and have a positive impact from both a customer and partner perspective. The listing change is seen as a natural step in the company's development and is expected to create value for the company's shareholders.

''The demand for artificial hearts is high, but the product that has been available so far has major shortcomings and is hardly used. In the tests carried out so far, there is no indication that Realheart TAH would not be significantly better. Our heart therefore has the potential to open up a huge market and as the company moves towards commercialisation we will benefit from having a globally renowned player as our listing venue," said Ina Laura Perkins, CEO of Realheart.

''After all, Nasdaq is a global and well-known brand. A listing on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market provides a mark of quality that enhances our ability to build on the strong interest in the company that already exists, both among institutional owners and within retail and other market participants – not least internationally," said Göran Hellers, Chairman of Realheart's Board of Directors.

For more information please contact:

Ina Laura Perkins, CEO

Phone: +46(0)70 406 49 21 

E-mail: inalaura.perkins@realheart.se

Scandinavian Real Heart AB develops a total artificial heart (TAH) for implantation in patients with life-threatening heart failure. Realheart TAH has a unique, patented design that resembles that of the natural human heart. The artificial heart consists of a four-chamber system (two atriums and two chambers) which provides the opportunity to generate a physiologically adapted blood flow that mimics the body's natural circulation. A unique concept in the medical technology world.

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